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Taiwan area freight collection standard list

Product TypeFirst weight (1kg)Continued weight (1kg / USD)
E-liquid Goods20 USD20
Special Goods12 USD12
General Goods8 USD8
Note: As long as the liquid products containing soot oil in the order are classified as soot oil parts (the shipment of soot oil to Taiwan is sensitive, and the customs will be more strict); Products that do not contain smoky oil liquid but contain batteries or can be directly charged are classified as special goods (products with batteries are dangerous and belong to special products); The smokeless oil and battery in the order are classified as general goods. The final freight price of the order is calculated according to the charge standard of the order type. Users in the order, can also be classified under the order. The actual freight is calculated according to the attributes of the product included in the order.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong freight collection standard list

Order weightFirst weight (1kg)Continued weight (1kg / USD)
Freight standard6.5 USD6.5

Note: Shipping costs in Hong Kong are calculated at 6.50 USD/kg.

China Mainland

China Mainland freight collection standard list

Region (Province)
First weight (1kg)
Continued weight (1kg / USD)
Guaungdong1.8 USD
3.2 USD
3.2 USD
Gansu、Heilongjiang、Jilin、Liaoning、Inner Mongolia、Ningxia、Qinghai、Tibet、Xinjiang
3.2 USD

Note: China mainland area default SF Express

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