Chiron hot wire
NI80 for the race fever, fever wire fast, high heat, 0.6 for the big smoke, 0.5 smoke both taste and..
FLHS BRAND fenglin volcano hot wire.
Ni80 can be heated at high temperature without oxidation, and can be heated quickly for short time t..
Name: GHOST of alien GHOST.Data: 0.1 ohm.Material: main silk KP, outsourcing 38G distortion.Taste: t..
Maniak Industries Wire
Maniak Industries WireQuality build wire, designed for competition vaping and available in a variety..
RYUUKON dragon scar heating silk
The original plarron RYUUKON line coil NI80 clapton coil finished heating wireFeatures:Made of Japan..
TX Group Ni80 Heat wire
TX Group Ni80 Heat wireHigh carbon incineration processIt is effective to prevent the occurrence of ..
ZACK Group Ni80 Heat wire
USD$32.00 USD$24.00
ZACK Group Ni80 Heat wireInner bag 3 core A1 silk 26, outsourcing distortion 40Material: ni80Single ..
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