Disposable sterile syringe
Commodity name:Disposable sterile syringeSpecification: 1ml / 2ml / 10mlThis can be used for clinica..
Disposable straw, plastic dropper
Commodity name:Disposable straw, plastic dropperSpecification: 1ml / 5ml / 10mlThis can be used for ..
Glass stirring rod
[product name] : glass stirring rod[product size] : 20CM, diameter of 6mmThe instantaneous temperatu..
HuanQiu Glass beaker
HuanQiu sampling measuring cup with a graduated thick glass beakerBeaker is a common laboratory..
Pen shaped bottle
Pen shaped bottleIt is very convenient to carry the oil bottle, the bottle cap is very tight, don't ..
Pin hole filling bottle
Transparent plastic bottle, needle - type refueling is more convenient and hygienic, transparent pla..
The 170 is a Platoshear Cutter has a thin profile designed for those hard-to-reach areas in electron..
VAPE BRUSH Wire rod cleaning brush 2 in one
Vape Brush electronic smoke atomizer 2 with a cleaning Brush wire wrap toolModel: wire rod cleaning ..
VETUS Antistatic Forceps
Brand: VETUSName: anti-static tweezersSpecification: 1 / board Material: anti-static stainless ..
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