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Flavoristinc  Greed  E-liquid

Blueberry Bead Blasting:

from the United States 1 years debugging out a new taste different from traditional blueberry bead blasting smoke oil, the oil smoke Marlboro taste inspired
by Virginia legend. The impulse to take a mouthful of greed. Bead blasting tobacco sweetness and its complex mixed tastes pure, make the taste more rich,
administrative levels feeling more apparent, wake up your taste buds brand-new change, 3 mg enough nicotine to meet the needs of players with smokers,
and taste can also keep very smooth. This experience completely disrupts your perception of traditional tobacco smoke.

Fresh blueberries and pure Genuine Kenya tobacco bring you a whole new sensory experience, the fragrance of blueberries in tobacco, the taste of the most authentic American cigarettes in blueberries

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