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  • Feature

Brand : Flavoristinc

Nicotine Strength(mg/ml) : 0mg

Volume(ml) : 60ml

PG/VG : 30/70

Flavour Profile : Cold yogurt

Country/Region of Manufacture : United Kingdom

  • Taste Description

Cold yogurt

Inheriting ancient yogurt handmade crafts. A fresh milky aroma, sour but not greasy, highly restored, like a real bottle of yogurt.

Really take out the taste of drinking yogurt, the entrance is full of milk. The mellow smooth yoghurt and the refreshing mint want to collide, bringing a multi-layered, refreshing experience.

After a deep sip, the taste of the yoghurt is filled with the entire mouth and fresh milk. The sweet and sour taste, together with just a hint of coolness, allows the mouthful to return to the "purely true" delicious yogurt.

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