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The United States imports SKWEZED KREM pure fruit-flavored smokeless smoke vapor vapors

Pistachio: a delicious dessert pistachio cream, absolutely filled with nutty and creamy!The inhalation begins with the intense creme of the eJuice, the subtle notes that the pistachio is waiting to erupt, providing a more fragrant nutty flavor to the exhalation.

Milk tea:milk tea need perfect brew a cup of tea, add cream, milk and a handful of boba, to produce delicious, exquisite taste touch your taste buds, help you relax and feel good.This blend of tapioca flour and milk and Krem milk tea!During the inhalation, start with the tea base of the brewing, and inject the bottom of the milk, and exhale into the creamy flavor of the buckwheat.

Peach: sweet peach, deep aspiration, strong flavor in the oral collision. Skwezed peach is a single eJuice mixture with strong flavor and healthy taste. The inhalation begins with the fresh, fresh fruit of the peach, and the exhalation erupts, highlighting the image of the peach, which is consistent with each stroke.

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