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British authentic products imported ZAP gold grapefruit tea lemon hami melon lychee snow pear cola carambola red fruit wine e-cigarette oil.

Lemon cantaloupe: fresh and sweet cantaloupe that is carefully blended with lemon and lemon. It is a good way to satisfy your taste buds.

The golden grapefruit tea: the golden orange pomelo that contains tropical amorous feelings, 100 not greasy, the sun in exotic bottle!

Classic coke: the pure cola aroma of the entrance, the throat feeling is like a coke poured into the mouth, the black currant and cola taste mixed in one and the same breath out.

Litchi lemon: the aroma of litchi at the entrance, with a hint of lemon in the aroma of litchi.

Purple crystal snow mud: the entrance fresh black currant flavor, in the middle with honey sweet wrap the cool black currant, in the end in the mouth is a faint cool meaning and like have the lemon sweet taste.

Yang peach is drunk: natural, fresh carambola fragrance spreads out in the mouth, like a cup of intoxicating refreshing juice.

Blue melancholy: fresh and clean soda flavor, in this hot summer brings you a pleasant fresh taste.

Summer red fruit wine: the delicious apple mixed with the pure wine, the entrance is a fresh and fragrant smell, it is very addictive!

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