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BLVK unicorn nicotine salt tobacco oil for small tobacco fruit series 35mg

The pure American original product is different from the homemade nicotine salt

Five fruit flavors are available, smooth and comfortable

Apple flavor: ice sweet and refreshing apples keep you away from worry. Red and green apples combine with the coolness of mint to satisfy your organs

Grape flavour: the sour of grape and lick very proper, the entrance can feel rich fruit aroma

Strawberry flavour: the sour and sweet strawberry and cool mint collide, bring different experience, be like to walk in the world of strawberry

Litchi flavor: sweet litchi and cool mint are blended together to create a different experience

Melon flavor: crisp and sweet melon, fresh with mint, gives you a first bite of impact and a long finish

Pistachios: sweet and strong pistachios, lips and teeth

Toffee: smooth caramel flavor, mellow taste experience, each mouth is silky smooth version

Cuban cigar: the delicate vanilla flavour wraps around Cuba, and the aftertaste of tobacco swirls around the mouth

Taste: apple honey hami melon grape litchi strawberry toffee pistachio Cuban cigar

Name: American BLVK unicorn nicotine salt tobacco oil

Concentration :35MG(nicotine salt)

Capacity: 30 ml

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