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  • Feature


Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) : 30mg/35mg

Volume (ml) : 30ml

Flavour Profile : Banana Oatmeal / Strawberry Oatmeal / Blueberry Oatmeal / Coffee Oatmeal / Pomegranate ice / White Grape ice / Green Apple ice / Vanilla Tobacco ice

Country/Region of Manufacture :USA

  • Taste Description

Banana Cereal (30mg) :

Bananas and nutritious cereals are fragrant, with a rich and smooth taste that bursts at the tip of the tongue. It is smooth and smooth, and it can not be dissipated for a long time.

Strawberry Cereal (30mg) :

A cup of hot strawberry nutrition cereal cereal, fragrant with a sweet strawberry flavor, every bit of happiness

Blueberry Cereal (30mg) :

The addition of blueberries with mellow oatmeal produces a richer flavor of high-end desserts, and full blueberries are more likely to make people happy.

Coffee Cereal (30mg) :

The coffee entrance is smooth, and the cereal has no discomfort or other odor. When you taste the taste of coffee, it has the aroma of cereal and the taste is super nice.

Vanilla Tobacco (30mg) :

The tobacco is slightly sweet and mellow, and the taste is almost similar to the classic cigarette taste, making your taste impeccable.

Green Apple ice (35mg) :

Crispy and delicious green apple, sour and sweet taste, different from the ice, a wonderful taste experience.

White Grape ice (35mg) :

A selection of fine white grapes, crafted with crystal clear juice, the best choice for summer drinks.

Pomegranate ice (35mg) :

Like fresh pomegranate just picked, there is a full of icy pomegranate juice in your mouth.

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