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American tobacco JAM Ejaice smoked blueberry strawberry JAM tugboat e-cigarette oil.

Blueberry jam E-JAICE: For blueberry enthusiasts, the taste of blueberry jam Ejuice hits its mark.This jam achieves a true blueberry flavor of sweet and sour balance, and combines with butter and a delicious snack of toasted bread with vape juice.

Strawberry jam E - JAICE: the strawberry jam monster Eliquid is made of high quality American E juice, strawberry Eliquid monster jam is a strawberry jam on toast flavor E liquid, will surely satisfy your desire, and improve your taste buds into fog paradise.

Grape jam E - JAICE: the grapes of the jam monster are so delicious that it will frighten your taste buds into submission. A pile of grape jam is sprayed on the taste buds of smokers. The center of the crispy toast is filled with a pleasant taste of the opener's mouth. Finally, when you exhale, your mouth will be treated as a grape, toast, and sticky marriage, which will become a day of vape you will treat yourself over and over again. Be sure to get your bottle monster grapes!

Grape ice e-jaice: the juicy grape aroma is floating in the smoke, which is combined with the feeling of the cool entrance of the ice.
Blueberry ice e-jaice: fresh strawberries melt into the ice raspberry raspberry, slightly cool, refreshing and not greasy, give you an unexpected soft and comfortable!

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