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Element E-Liquid - Fresh Squeeze

A rendezvous of invigorating Fresh Squeeze and rich velvety Crema in a 100ml plastic bottle
We stand by our quality manufacturing and hold our products to the highest American standards.

Quality Nicotine

Our nicotine is sourced from the most premier USA companies in the industry.
100% Steeped
Our juices are pre-steeped, so you can vape as soon as you receive them. No more waiting.
Superior Ingredients
Our ingredients are sourced from the finest names in the industry, ensuring unparalleled quality.
Glass Bottles
20mL size features glass bottle with squeeze J-tip dropper.

Pink lemon

Zingy lemonade is mixed with a moderate amount of red fruit. Light on the tongue

The micro tongue gives the smooth exhalation of the orange. Enjoy any fruit.

People who taste it will find it very attractive, and because it is one.

A very mild flavor.

Lemon and grapefruit

Icy lemon and grapefruit collision, sweet let this summer with different flavor, fresh aroma, strong taste, let your tongue in the surf, filar silk smooth melting ice, let you with an endless!

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