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ARK VAP Taiwan manual tea tobacco oil

Capacity: 30ml
Concentration: 3 mg

Red bean maccha: red bean plus maccha, the art of the essence of the Japanese tea ceremony, sweet red bean with rich aroma of maccha, entrance moments of red bean flavor, aroma rhyme is slightly matcha tea aftertaste, orthodox natural flavor, feel the peace of standing in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Long island iced tea, iced tea and oolong, French grace in the production of natural herbal essence with Taiwan oolong tea fragrance, rich layers of basement, stacked cool sense, communication between Chinese and western culture under the output of long island iced tea, and mixed with a variety of exotic gourmet tea taste.

Elizabeth: jasmine scented tea, a variety of flowers and plants of the golden ratio jasmine scented tea taste, the classical tradition and the modern civilization, incense and enjoy jasmine scented tea is not just dream, but a perfect combination with steam, exquisite and think of opportunely enjoy throughput between their taste.

Long island iced tea series of tobacco oil from Taiwan

Red bean matcha: red bean + matcha

Peach wonderland: peach + raspberry

Elizabeth: Molly + apricot

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