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Fe meetall rose atomizer used nowadays is the mainstream of 24 mm in diameter, can not only with a lot of mechanical lever perfect collocation, also greatly improve the atomizer of smoke oil storage, also provides users with 510 suction nozzle in the form of two kinds of choices.

Spray on top of the silo design and the atomizer head cover to prevent to prevent splashing of oil suction, the condensate blocking design, let atomizer smoke suction process is very clean, frying oil into the mouth and the possibility of condensate into the mouth down very much.

As a type of atomizer product, the rose atomizer also adopts the small orifice type adjustable intake structure.

When choosing 3.0 MM circle diameter of the coil, the ends of the cotton thin need to be processed through the guide oil hole, guarantee the smooth conduction of oil atomizing core, GTA type dangling electrode the audience with a groove for placing cotton, cooperate with conducting oil hole, for users to master the amount of cotton has a very good introductory.

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