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  • Product info

By the big league Vapers PHIX is a fully enclosed pod vape system that defines user friendliness. Perfectly placed in your pocket,

PHIX is designed to be a carry-on kit. The PHIX buttonless automatic fire protection design makes the device very easy to use.

The tested CCell ceramic coil technology provides a bold taste. PHIX's proprietary USB charger offers magnetic accessories and a wide cable length for easy charging. When impulses occur, you can fix them with PHIX!

  • Include

1 * PHIX host tobacco rod

1 * Smoke mix taste 4

1 * USB data cable

1 * Warranty card

1 * Product manual

  • Features

Brand: PHIX

Size: 19mm * 10.75mm * 110mm

Shell capacity: 1.5ml

Battery capacity: 280mAh

Output power: 12W

Output voltage: 3.7V

Smoke resistance: 1.4 ohms

Nicotine concentration: 1.8% / 5%

Endurance: about 400

Battery model: polymer high performance lithium battery

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