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Color strip disposable electronic cigarette small smoke blueberry fruit quit smoking genuine function bar

Traditional Tobacco: Selected tobacco extracts, exquisite workmanship, layer selection, long-term extraction! Fine body odor, lips and teeth fragrance, calm and calm.

Matcha: In the summer afternoon, a piece of matcha tea is in the busy work, as if everything around you has nothing to do with yourself at the moment, only hope that the years are quiet, that he is famous for his good fortune, love and hate!

Nut Tobacco: supplemented by a touch of fragrant tobacco, a breeze, a cloud, a fog, just as the strong youth in the summer afternoon that year.

Blueberry Mint: Refreshing mint with light blueberries, every sigh of trouble is gone with this faint aroma.

Orange soda: Do you still remember the orange soda that was secretly given to her that year? It’s the taste of that year.

Lychee: Take a light sip, a scent of fragrance is filled with mouth, the gravy is sweet and soft, and the sweetness is slightly sour, which makes people want to stop.

  • Features

Brand: AN

Name: AN small color strip

Smoke oil components: plant glycerin, propylene glycol, food flavor, nicotine salt, etc.

Product size: 93x 15.5 x 6.2mm

Product net weight: about 11g / support

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