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  • Product info

Teslacigs Tesla GG smoke electronic cigarette gravity sensing Bluetooth connection APP adjustable pressure temperature control lamp color can be oiled

Open the inner package, take out the cartridge; pull out the soft plug on the oil hole of the cartridge, and then inject the nicotine salt oil into the oil hole. After filling the oil, tighten the soft plug. Finally, the cartridge is inserted into the device.

(When using a new atomizing core, please do not immediately note when the cartridge is filled with smoke oil: inhale, first shake the oil evenly, then put the whole set flat for 5 minutes before using it, so that the organic cotton is completely infiltrated .)

  • Include

1 * tobacco rod

1 *ROMIO nicotine salt smoke oil 10ML

1 *USB data cable

1 * Warranty card

1 *Product manual

  • Features

Brand: teslacigs Tesla GG

Shell capacity: 2. OML

Battery capacity: 380mAh

Material: aluminum alloy + PC

Atomizing core type: ceramic atomizing core - 1.52Ω

Charging time: 1.3h

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