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Authentic NOS smoke, fruit and tobacco taste, smog, smoke, smoke, electronic cigarette

Super cool Mint Flavor: Refreshing and extracting high-concentration mint extract, the silky coolness reaches the bottom of the heart, and the peppermint experience is 3 times, so that the whole body cells wake up.

Grape Rose Flavor: Portuguese Rose Rose Slimming Weight Loss Rose is a sacred creature, encountering. The attractive grapes, such as the morning rose valley with dew, fragrant and fragrant, filled the sky

Tianxiang fruit flavor: Tianxiang fruit flavor beauty beauty passion fruit, cranberry, kiwi fruit and other seven kinds of fruit perfect combination, enjoy the fruit feast, full of vitamin C-dimensional E, sweet and dripping.

Pomelo pomelo flavor: natural sweet pomelo and melatonin rendezvous, sweet and fragrant, calm and calm, breathe the natural simplicity and enjoy life.

Gold oil flavor: fresh milk source from New Zealand, soft and smooth taste, taste - mouthwash this just right sweet, enjoy the delicate milky taste

Classic Tobacco Flavor: Extracted from pure tobacco stock, open the market from the tobacco estate, and cool the throat, the taste is excellent.

The taste of the scorpion laughs: The crystal clear lychee is mixed with the soda's cool, sweet and moist mouth. Into the heart and spleen, enjoy the tip of the tongue, on the refreshing summer.

Tropical Nuts: Rich milky fragrance with crispy and crispy nuts, crispy and crispy, with a scent of cheeks and a tropical forest.

Blueberry Blast Flavor: Extract pure natural blueberry berry extract to restore rich fruity flavour. The flesh flesh jumps between the teeth, gently inlet, light and sweet.

Great nostalgic taste: The great taste in childhood, through the gentle sunshine and the gentle breeze, the sweet and sour taste has become an unforgettable scenery in memory.

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Brand: NOS

Battery life: 300 tons of smoke oil capacity:

Product size : 94.7*11MM

Small smoke type : disposable smoke

Concentration: 30MG

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