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  • Product info

1. Large smoke taste finished oil storage atomizer.

2.4-hole air intake enables the smoke oil to burn more fully in the atomizing core, thus driving a larger amount of smoke.

3. The air inlet hole and the oil guiding hole of the atomizing core are balanced, which reduces the insufficient heating and combustion of the atomizing core, thereby greatly solving the problem of oil leakage at the bottom of the atomizer.

4. Brings a gold 0.2 Occle Clapton double hair core with 0.5 ohm core each, the core cotton has increased, the atomizer tastes better, the big smoke, the local gold core

5. The structure of the ventilating hole at the mouthpiece and the heat dissipation structure of the mouthpiece can reduce the temperature of the smoke, so that in the case of large smoke, the taste of the smoky oil can also be maintained.

  • Include

1 * General Atomizer

2 * atomizing core (0.2 / 0.5 ohm)

1 * electrode screw

1 * apron group

1 * hex screwdriver

  • Features

Dimensions: 53mm * 22mm

Diameter: 24mm

Material: zinc alloy + frosted glass bin

Color: steel, black

Atomization core: ss316 stainless steel

Applicable body: 510 interface / 810 drop nozzle

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