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The original American imported CKS-M for the finished product atomizer
The atomized core USES high quality organic cotton, providing better atomization capability to achieve better taste
The atomizer adopts the top filling method with a diameter of 22mm. The packaging contains a 0.2q (55w--70w) atomized
core, and a 0.5q (45w-316 atomized core -65w) pore intake structure, which enables the smoke oil to burn more fully in the
atomized core to drive a larger amount of smoke.
The vent structure of the cigarette holder, as well as the heat dissipation structure of the cigarette holder, can reduce the
smoke temperature, so as to maintain the taste of the smoke in the case of great smog.
The inlet hole and the nozzle of the atomization core balance, reduce the atomization core heating combustion insufficiency,
thus greatly solve the problem of the oil leak at the bottom of the atomizer.

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