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Single 18650 battery - up to 80W power


Support temperature control - Power - Bypass <Mechanical> - Intelligent temperature control four modes


Bypass mode resistance range: 0.08-3Ω



Operating Guide:


Power on: press the ignition key continuously for 5 seconds within 5 seconds.


Lock mode: Press the ignition button three times in a row three times.


Mode selection: Press the ignition key continuously for 5 seconds when the power is on, and the cursor will be beamed when the mode selection interface is successfully entered. After entering the menu mode selection, click the + - function key to select the mode and confirm the mode you want Ignition key until the cursor disappears. (Here to explain the presbyopia is, after testing, this section has no delay output voltage regulator box, and mode selection press the number of differences, so it is best to continuously press the lock button in the lock screen five times to enter the menu option).


Intelligent temperature control mode I believe we are already familiar. Intelligent temperature control mode, as its name implies, without manual temperature adjustment, the fuselage will automatically from 0 ℃ temperature, will be based on the atomizer material and fluidity to automatically adjust the equilibrium atomization temperature (we should note that this mode Only with the finished core temperature control wire nebulizer with the perfect match). Make sure to check the resistance of the resistance wire before performing the temperature control mode, and hold the + - function key at the same time, the resistance value will be displayed on the screen.


 Mechanical Bypass Mode: The installed battery voltage decision chip provides the nebulizer burst. The result may depend on the type of 18650 battery used.


 TCR mode: Set your favorite TCR mode according to the non-normal coil type.

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