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Red is rose red, please note before shooting Oh ~

One body dog and mad dog atomizer material one foreign, aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation color

The internal resistance of 18 milliohms is almost negligible. . .

Almost does not affect the burst speed and battery output performance

One dog use strong magnetic switch, the figure shows suction above the iron shelf it

Many businesses put this figure p upright I am also very helpless!

One body dog is based on the crazy dog derived from mad dog RDTA nebulizer

Bottom oil storage. . .

? Do wire structure and Mad Dog one model ocean

Just the bottom of a more oil tank, oil tank side of the use of fuel structure

Can be disassembled open the atomizer has a separate bottom accessories

Installing a Neutral Atomizer A random nebulizer can be used on any device as a stand-alone RDTA

Yes, the package contains a single hair kit to make single-shot data

One dog atomizer interface diameter of about 25mm, because there is one ring groove placed apron, the rough slightly larger

Nebulizer that can mount any 510 interface and bottom positive protrusion

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