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Set the power signal lamp in the middle.

11.5 X19.1 X91.84 mm size

The unique magnetic charging charger USES 420mAh lithium battery.

1.7ml of smoke cartridge capacity.

5% nicotine - cured tobacco oil with ceramic atomization core.

A small round suction nozzle.

Original classic tobacco smoke bomb.

Familiar with the smell of hand - cured tobacco, opening the nose of the nose with a mild taste of tobacco taste, infatuation with one breath and one breath.

Watermelon ice new flavor.

Naturally refreshing watermelon ice flavor, with fresh mint, slightly cool, like watermelon friends are fond of

flue-cured tobacco smoke bomb

Feel the full-bodied hand flue-cured tobacco, along with the smooth creamy mixture, the tobacco flavor of itself is more full.

fresh peppermint smoke bomb

In the hot summer, this one is indispensable, refreshing mint flavor, as if you are in the water park with a cool fragrance.

New taste of journey

Cognac cognac with an attractive lactic acid pine, produces a taste that can't compare with cigar.

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