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The “Unbounded Nebulizer” under the DO brand invites many enthusiasts to set off the mouth-sucking RTA that is dedicated to the “Justice” and “taste”. Nebulizer. Quickly gathers the atomized particles to design and innovate the air channel for collecting condensate, and the single double-column electrode table between the operation, super anti-condensation treatment, combined with the internal flat air inlet and the external four-speed adjustable intake air, making it With a very high degree of taste resolution and richness, it is not comparable to the taste of small smoke equipment.

 "Unbounded" is a pragmatic, abandoning useless gift box packaging, using a portable functional storage box, equipped with a precise heating core and core tool, using the core to achieve a good quality, and also get a good taste.

DO, born for "taste." Unbounded, better understand the voice of ‘player’.

  • Include

1 *Unbounded nebulizer

1 * cotton

1 * steel warehouse

1 * Instruction manual

1 * heating wire 0.32

1 * Ghost Claw Smoke Oil 10ml

1 *Accessories package

  • Features

Dimensions: 37X22MM

Material: 304 stainless steel

Color: silver, black

Air intake: bottom intake

Oil filling method: bottom oiling

Core type: DIY single shot

Oil storage capacity: 3ml

Fit heating wire: NI80/A1/NI200

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