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As the mainstream domestic exporter in Europe and America, wotofo is the most recognized domestically produced quality equipment in the United States. As the No. 1 rdta snake atomizer in North America in 2015, the snake series launched this time inherits the characteristics and characteristics of the big snake.

The single-feel rdta puts all the designs on the palate, while the bottom double-intake classic mode guarantees a very comfortable suction resistance and amount of smoke. It can be said that the snake is a rdta that is difficult to put down once it is used.

1. The shrinking smoke channel and the short conveying distance, the taste of the smoke is concentrated and concentrated.

2, the amount of smoke is medium, can maintain the taste of the big smoke while reflecting.

3, the heating wire is fixed in a simple way, can fix a lot of fancy heating wire.

4, short and confused, top oiling, disassembly and cleaning are more convenient.

  • Include

1 * Wotofo Serpent Mini Snake Atomizer

1* sealing ring

1* instruction manual

  • Features

Dimensions: 43mm * 22mm

Capacity: 3ml

Atomization core: 0.5 ohm kanthal A1

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