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Brand hard enough: Tesla, I should not have introduced the novice can review its various bus evaluation.

Tesla in the field of the host, can be regarded as a front-line brand without error.

Steam bus test stamp links:

Chip performance: Tesla chip features are fast ignition fast enough for the most famous feature. So I can only say that it is proper.

H8mini atomizer: equipped with this H8 mini is Tesla's signature nebulizer, with double hair and single core, double hair finished core is rare, because of the difficulty, this is definitely worth your try .

The way to cheer, use the rotary open, very creative, especially convenient. Do you often have to unscrew the roof refueling, found that the roof can not find the right place to place the embarrassment of this design creatively solve the problem. Is not enough smoke enough? Proper, enough of your load, Ha ha ...

Design Positioning: The appearance of Tesla has always been a tough guy, this is no exception. Especially yellow, personal favorite this color.

Small and portable: use a single battery. Let its volume reach the degree of daily portable, to ensure its practicality. Some people will say that battery life is not good, personally think this is Che Dan. The battery is certainly not as good as the battery, but you have to hold the two batteries on the mainframe, so it is not as good as the bag with a spare, usually only need to take a section, this is a more reasonable configuration.

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