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Master DPRO 133 package (including 133 hosts a DPRO supporting a color nebulizer)

1, dual power parallel box, life more durable and more stable, it is recommended to use the same type of battery (recommended SONY C6 * 2)

2, the box design supports single, dual operation, more casual and more convenient!

3, the box does not like the ohm this function of regulating the turntable, belonging to the simulation of mechanical chip control chip, the chip


After testing the voltage stabilized at 4.1V or so, 100% of the power and 30% of the power by the chip control

The voltage is stable at

4.1 output will not drop due to the battery voltage drop caused by the output (more stable and durable)

4, higher cost, with the same color DPRO atomizer, DPRO atomizer taste and design have been the same praise!

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