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120W power adjustment

Die-cast zinc alloy body

OLED display

Toggle switch design

Support NI / TI / SS / TCR / KA mode

Temperature lock

Double 18650 battery


Tesla new, box size 880x550x250mm

Slight weight, plus two batteries weight 340 grams

Narrow body shape, the installation of 24MM diameter atomizer is the limit

It is very beautiful with the plump drip atomizer

0.1 ohm minimum support for resistance, the maximum output 120W

Nebulizer to promote the resistance value of about 0.15 without effort

The default supports A1, NI, TI, SS316 four different materials heating wire

Simple operation of the chip, functional and practical, output sense of violence

Also comes standard, soft and violent three output intensity options

And 10 seconds can be customized curve output

There is a separate power switch, such as the same intruder without charging socket

Need to use the charger for battery charging

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