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Asvape lucifer road west stabilization wooden half-mechanical box

1. Dual 18650 series circuit

2. Minimum support resistance of 0.15 ohms

3. Dual mode automatically switch 0.15-0.5 ohms, the normal mode voltage 3.6-6 volts. 0.5-3 ohm enhanced mode 4.2-6.8 volts can be adjusted by adjusting the button

4. Balance better, 3.6 volts for all products available in the market nebulizer, to maintain a better taste

Imported stable wood

6. Gold-plated spring electrode

7. ruby button

8. Power can be to 300w (the proposed high discharge capacity of the battery)

9. Ignition really delay without delay, fancy smoke ring second suction more easily

10 included insulation pad to prevent excessive power atomizer hot

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