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  • Product info

Silver touch silver touch unique time number, belongs to the exclusive time of the mechanical cutting strength screw gold plating performance spring strong pressure plate type wire table optimization bottom intake hidden side air intake.

At the same time, the inner warehouse increases the space inside the bin with a perfect ratio to achieve the personal taste of the user. The PEI insulation drip nozzle and the squall line spoiler design reduce the direct impact of high concentration smoke!

Bottom intake, central intake cooling, with bottom oiling screw, tablet to fix the heating wire, spring under the tablet, easy to install heating wire, drip nozzle for spiral design! The palate is smooth and the condensation is resolved.

  • Include

1 * Host

1 * electrode screw

1 * apron group

1 * hex screwdriver

1* box

  • Features

Dimensions: 33mm * 24.8mm

Material: 316 stainless steel

Color: gun color, black, silver, blue

Weight: 50G

Applicable body: 510 interface / 810 drop nozzle

Market Positioning: High-end, competition level

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