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The new music enjoys a small smoke Lukshry Space one machine smoke bomb electronic cigarette small smoke quit smoking for smoke steam.3.5% Nicotine

3.5% Nicotine
Honey Tobacco: The perfect collision between the sweetness of honey and American tobacco, making people think

3.5% Nicotine
Classic Tobacco: mellow classic tobacco, different thick tobacco and wonderful mellow

3.5% Nicotine
American Tobacco: Real American smoke; grass, enjoying the sensation of throat caused by the throat, each taste is worth savoring

2.5% Nicotine

Lime smoothie: As the snow is pure and pure, it is the first love passed by.

0% Nicotine

Apple pie: The breath of exhalation is full of fresh apples, and the temptation sent is hard to resist.

0% Nicotine

Mint soda: There is a unique and elegant fragrance that always keeps you awake and optimistic

2.5% Nicotine

Frost Mint: The gentle mint leaves are fresh and refreshing, and immediately experience the best taste brought by refreshing mint.

2.5% Nicotine

Love Raspberry Raspberry: Fresh strawberry is like a lover in love. Every bite is extremely sweet.

0% Nicotine

There is something in the tea: a careful evaluation of the scent of green tea and the coolness of the mint, the feeling of sorrow

3.5% Nicotine

Herbal Love: Hide the freshness and innocence of nature, every mouth is reminiscent

3.5% Nicotine

Milky fragrance: rich milky fragrance filled with the mouth full of mouthfulness

2.5% Nicotine

Zero Mint: The strongest impact of high concentration of mint, instantly came to the Ice Age

  • Include

1 *1 * Lukshry Space host

1 *USB data cable

1 *Product manual

  • Features

Size: 80.2mm * 13.5mm * 31mm

All-in-one machine---Intelligent OMNI board mini

Shell capacity: 2ml

Built-in battery capacity: 350mAh

Maximum power: 12.5W (adjustable)

Minimum resistance: 1.0 ohm

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