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NI80 for the race fever, fever wire fast, high heat, 0.6 for the big smoke, 0.5 smoke both taste and texture, 0.3 0.4 for the taste type

0.2 fancy fan to do the necessary goods

NI200 only temperature control


Kai Long NI80 heating wire - 0.1mm / 10m

Kai Long NI80 heating wire - 0.3mm / 10m

Kai Long NI80 heating wire - 0.4mm / 10m

Kai Long NI80 heating wire - 0.5mm / 10m

Armor Long NI200 heating wire - 0.4mm / 10m


虣 Yin (read: Stormy meaning: cruel tiger) 316L uncoated soft steel wire

"Yin Yin" stainless steel cord for the medical grade, especially for the steam environment specially customized.

Using the most pure 316L steel direct forging spinning, the appearance of natural white iron luster, clean and free of impurities.

Silk screen to remove impurities on the surface of glorious heat treatment process to make the surface more smooth and easy to contaminated dust, more durable and healthier

Without rust inhibitor, coating, chemical coating, steam is not easy to use black, safe and secure.

Casting in Japan, the choice of soft steel forging method, the softness of the whole line for the coil shape.

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