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Devil's cut

A Robust blend of Tobacco grown and extracted in North Carolina. In the forefront is a pleasing Virginia extract matched with two other specialty tobacco's
giving "Devil's Cut" its unique tobacco flavor profile. Sweet, but not too sweet… Fresh banana and other sweet secrets finish this delectable tobacco vape.


The tobacco used for the flavoring of this monumental syrup of vapory goodness is definitely not a golden, lightly cured variety.  We’re dealing with a deep,
dark brown-colored, cured tobacco leaf with the musky scent of a maduro cigar wrapper here.  Intertwined with the sensation of smoking an analog is a light,
almost citrusy presence  The rest is difficult to place, and since the coven of mixmasters over at Witchers Brew keep their flavor formulations under a cursed
lock and key, we can only really guess at all of the other elements that come together to make Blackbird such a damn fine vape! 

Level 1 Elixir

Witchers Brew Level 1 Elixir is a perfect balanceof sweet ingredients creating a thick and complex vapor . With Peach notes as well as undertones of butterscotch
and honey, Level 1 Elixir provides a taste palate that keeps you guessing. Try this sensual and intoxicating E-liquid and see for yourself.

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