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The front and back of the nebulizer cover are carved logos. The shallow carvings are very clean. The bases are brass, the electrodes are all red copper, and the electrode columns are double-column-pressed but very user-friendly.  A shallow groove is added to each side of each electrode table to facilitate fixing the heating wire! This design of light, it is necessary to order 100 praise, the reason for the purchase does not need to be more than this one is enough! 

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1 *Apocalypse GEN 2

1 * box

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Diameter: 24MM

Electrode: red gold plated

Cigarette holder: 810

Intake: single hole intake on both sides can be adjusted

Material: The marshmallow-type cover material is made of aluminum, and the other solid colors are made of stainless steel.

So the whole series will not oxidize, except for rose gold and marshmallow (pink) on the base is a stainless steel base.

Others are equipped with 24K gold-plated base, the raw material is also stainless steel, so there is no difference!

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