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Model: BH21

Size: 8 m m * 55 m m * 32 m m

Battery: 0) () mAh, 30A high power lithium battery

Weight: 226g

Power Mode: Supports 5W to J2 0 OW power output

Resistance: 0.1Q ~ 3Q

Temperature control mode: Support Ni, Ti, SS, TCR

Power: 5W ~ 200W

Operating voltage: 0V ~ 8.5V

Mechanical mode: BYPASS full power output

Two major models

Leisure mode and competitive mode to switch freely

Long mellow or strong mouth feel, give you enough scale

Find love of smoke

Comfort grip

Humanized ergonomic design

Calm atmosphere, full grip, grip design according to human hand

Comfortable grip so that you put it down

Long life

6000mAh high-capacity battery

External two high-power 30A 18650 battery,

More durable, more convenient to carry outdoors

Clock display

Real time watch time display

Comes with real-time function, easy to use

Give you a better experience

Metal Material

Metal components stylish and durable

The use of metal components three-layer composite process

Modern fashion is not easy to scratch

Leather cortex

Selection of quality imported first layer of leather

From the Netherlands, the first layer of natural grassland leather

Moist and flexible, beautiful and durable

Cooling stoma

Ferrari intake dam design

Three trapezoidal cooling holes to accelerate heat dissipation,

Improve safety performance

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