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  • Feature

Brand :ARK VAP 

Nicotine Strength(mg/ml) : 3mg

Volume(ml) : 30ml

PG/VG : 30/70

Flavour Profile : Red Bean Matcha Long Island Iced Tea Elizabeth Long Island Iced Tea Peach Wonderland

Country/Region of Manufacture : Asia

  • Taste Description

Red bean matcha:

Red beans and matcha, the essence of Japanese tea ceremony, slightly sweet red beans with rich aromatic matcha, the mouth instantly exudes the aroma of red beans, the tail rhyme is slightly tea with the aftertaste, orthodox natural flavor, feels standing on The tranquility of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Long Island Iced Tea:

Iced Tea and Oolong, the natural flower and grass essence produced by France's Grace is matched with Taiwan's oolong tea, the base of rich layers, the constant stacking of coolness, and the long island iced tea produced by the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures. Exotic tea tastes the best.


Jasmine and fragrant tablets, a variety of flowers and golden ratios of jasmine scented flavours, classic tradition and subversion of modern civilization, enjoying jasmine fragrance and fragrant tablets are not just in the cup, but in combination with steam, delicate and ingenious enjoyment The taste of the room is wonderful.

Long Island Iced Tea Series Smoke Oil Made in Taiwan

Red bean matcha: red beans + matcha

Peach Wonderland: Peach + Raspberry

Elizabeth: Jasmine + Apricot

Panama: Peanut + Cake

Long Island Iced Tea: Iced Tea + Oolong

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