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20-26G 25FT 7.62 m

28-34G 250FT 76.2 m

36-44G 1000FT 304.8 meters

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The low resistance, uniform heating and long-lasting life of the heating wire have always been the goal of the competition-class and advanced-class e-cigarette players. However, the real ashes players understand that the plasticity of a piece of heating wire is strong enough to succeed in making complex fancy heating wires.

MANIAK INDUSTRIES Nickel 80 (NI80) series products, using the formal ni80 manufacturing formula, the European process requirements, as well as the harsh manufacturing process and review rules, the final product can achieve near-perfect wire diameter control and long life. In order to make truly excellent products reach the hands of every e-cigarette enthusiast, this product uses high-cost ultra-low-speed sub-winding to avoid the problem that the heating wire is difficult to shape due to the tightness of the wire. This is very obvious when comparing small-scale products of the same type.

MANIAK INDUSTRIES is committed not only to providing top-notch heating wire products, but also to sponsoring industry events. In the past several sessions of the WOCC (Smoke Contest World Tour) as a sponsor to provide more choices for players to promote the performance and ease of operation of the excellent ni80 products. Let more ordinary players can easily create a variety of unique large smoke heating wire.

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