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  • Product info

Brand: Clyde Gorilla Power Lithium Ion Battery

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: cylaid

Model: 20700

Type: IMR

Rated voltage: 3.7v

Size: 22 × 65

Nominal capacity: 3100 mAh

Discharge rate: 60A

Cycle life: more than 1000 times

Style: flat top

Weight: 130g

For battery: 20700

Suitable atomizer:All models


  • Description

1. This battery is brand new and has high consistency. It can be used directly without pairing again.

2. Features: high safety performance, no explosion, no combustion; no toxicity, no pollution; good consistency, long life, more than 1000 cycles; high temperature resistance, overcharge resistance

3, safety: battery safety is excellent, there will be no fire, explosion and other phenomena, the product is suitable for power tools, aircraft models, etc., as well as some high current load, high cycle performance requirements of electrical appliances

【The main purpose】

1, laptop battery core change, high-end flashlight, mobile power, you can also do a variety of rechargeable battery pack

2, communication equipment: PHS telephone, walkie-talkie

3. Information equipment: laptop, PDA, portable fax machine, printer

4, audio and video equipment: digital cameras, cameras, portable DVD, VCD, glare flashlight

5, electronic cigarettes, power tools, electric drills, electric planers and so on.

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