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1: The bottom imported PEI gasket is insulated and resistant to high temperature. After that, the machine is not hot because of dripping oil.

2: Imported pei drip inside barb design, the machine will not put the condensation into the mouth when lying down!

3: The wider silking space, the wide fancy silk can also be placed, and can also support the placement of the filament.

4:24K gold-plated base Reduces internal damage!

5:2 side oblique inlet air, imitating the rough taste of the bottom air intake

6: Aviation aluminum sandblasting oxidizes and colors, keeping the heat fast while maintaining a silky feel.

7: deep oil tank normal data, one drop of oil, no problem with smoking dozens of mouth

8: Do double hair strands can also be fixed in groups, without 2 coils fixed together, reducing the uneven heating caused by different lengths of the legs

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1 * Desire Mad Dog RDA V2 Nebulizer

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Dimensions:24 * 37.5mm

Material: 304 stainless steel

Weight: 30G

Applicable subject: 510

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