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Black bottled

The UNILOOPO breakfast cereal.

From the fruit you like to the cereal, enjoy the breakfast milk with the colored cereal, yes, that's the flavor of happiness.

UNIDEW. Hami melon

Succulent cantaloupe and trace strawberry to match a fresh and refreshing fruity taste.

Purple bottled


A selection of high quality grapes is refined, fruity acid and sweet, the entrance can feel the rich and precise grape flavor.

White bottled

UN INUTS. Nut vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream sobs with hazelnuts and almonds to give you a nutty flavor.

UN ICOCO coconut pear.

Crisp and juicy pear slices combine with the milky white coconut to impress you with this tropical feeling.

A UNICAKE. Blueberry cake.

Bake a delicious crumb cake with a dash of fresh blueberries to make your mouth water.


Pure subtropical mango flavor plus super ice cold stimulation, a good heaven, have the gall to try!

Blue bottles

Lychee ice:

Sweet litchi and cool mint and frozen fruit create a taste experience you've never experienced!

Apple ice:

The sweet apple of the ice makes you stay away from one worry, the red apple and the green apple collide with the peppermint breeze completely satisfying your senses.

Strawberry ice:

With ripe strawberries and fresh mint, you can walk briskly through the strawberry fields.

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