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The Bravo RTA Tank Atomizer is the first RTA with a clamp column design, which is more suitable for flat wires. Designed by Aaron Hart & Wotofo, the 25 mm diameter, incredible knurling makes it easy to remove the top cover. The Bravo RTA has a capacity of 4.5ml, a regular glass, and 6ml bubble glass with a dual adjustable airflow control system for a good flavor. The innovative construction deck is SS, except for the gold, which is clearly gold-plated and has a floating two-clamp gravity system that allows for greater construction. In addition, the inventory airflow design helps to concentrate the airflow, providing better flavor and cloud.

1. Suspended electrode column design, super easy to wire. Self-contained glass tube 5ml and 7ml oil storage space is larger

2. New tablet structure, pressed from bottom to top to prevent silk jump

3. The top cover knurling design makes the oiling easier, and the 810/510 nozzles are suitable.

4. Beveled air intake hole design, it is easier to gather gas and taste better.

5. The first bottom plate type electrode column design supports a wider and larger heating wire.

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1 *Wotofo Bravo atomizer

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Dimensions: 34mm * 24mm*25mm

Capacity: 4.5ml

Adaptation: 810/510 drops

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