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VZONE CULTURA doodle box single battery 100W.

Host size: 89*38*30mm.
Host material: zinc alloy +PC.
Battery type: single section 50/20700 high ratio battery (discharge current is above)186 40A.
Host weight: 167g.
Output mode: power/temperature control - titanium/temperature control-nickel 200/ temperature control - stainless steel 316 /TCR mode.
Output power: 7-100w (increased by 0.5W)
Maximum output voltage :8.5V.
Maximum output current :32AUSB: 5V/ 1.0a.
Taste pattern: NORM(normal)/SOFT(SOFT)/HARD(violence)/USER
Memory mode: M1/M2/M3.
Range of resistance: 0.1-3.02(power mode)/0.05-1.002(temperature control /TCR mode)
Temperature range: 100-300*C/200-600*F.

How to use it?

1. Power on: push off the bottom cover of the device and insert the single section 18650/20700 high ratio battery into the battery compartment. The device will be accompanied by the "Vzone" logo after the research machine.
(note: please adjust the power to the power range that matches the use of the atomizer.)
2. Power off: in the boot state, even the sales press will be shut down 5 times.
3. Smoking: long press the cigarette key to smoke, loosen the smoking key to stop smoking.
4. Power lock/unlock: in power mode, press the smoking key and reduce key to lock/unlock power. Once the POWER is locked, press the add/subtract button, and the screen will prompt "POWER LOCK!" When unlocking, "POWERUNLOCK"
5. Temperature lock/unlocking: under the temperature control /TCR mode, press the samarium and the reduction key to lock the temperature. After the temperature is locked, press the key/subtract button, and the screen will prompt "TEMP LOCK!" When unlocking, "TEMPUN LOCK"
6. The output power to adjust: when installed in a boot state, press plus/minus key to corresponding regulation power, each time you press the add key power 0.5 W, minus button each time you press the power reduction 0.5 W, hold down the plus or minus key will enter the rapid adjustment mode.
7. New and old atomization core reminder: when the new atomizer is connected or disconnected and reconnected to the existing atomizer, the device will be prompted to confirm the change "/" when the smoking key is pressed. If you connect a New New Up Same Down atomizer, press the button.
If you have disconnected and reconnected to the atomizer, press the down button. The UP
8.Vzone USB charging: use the charger to charge the device. When the battery is in charge, the battery icon will continue to read the bar, fill it from the bottom to the top, and fill it in. The rechargeable battery icon on the screen is filled with no cycle.

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