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  • Feature

Brand : Element

Nicotine Strength(mg/ml) : 0mg/1.5mg/3mg

Volume(ml) : 60ml

PG/VG : 80/20

Country/Region of Manufacture : United States

  • Taste Description

The orange juice

The 2015 US Gold Award for smoke oil is said to have this oil in every VAPOR store in the United States!

The official said that it contains 5% juice, I don't care if this is a hoe! I only know that this smoke oil is really good! I did not say that it was not easy to pump!

Regardless of high resistance or low resistance, whether it is a pressure regulating box or a mechanical rod, you can't feel the strange smell of high-temperature flavor, only pure orange flavor candy (Minida?!) and lemon flavor candy!

Pink lemon

Zingy lemonade is mixed with the right amount of red fruit. The slight tongue on the tongue gives a smooth exhalation of the citrus. Anyone who has a fruity scent will find it very attractive and because it is a very mild flavor.

Lemon and grapefruit

Icy lemon and grapefruit collision, sweet let this summer with different flavor, fresh aroma, strong taste, let your tongue in the surf, filar silk smooth melting ice, let you with an endless!

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