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  • Product info

CASHEWPOD cashew small smoke

All-in-one machine---Intelligent OMNI board mini device is unique in shape, and the cashew shape is ergonomically designed.

Small and portable. U-shaped airway design and top air intake setting to avoid oil leakage.

It is recommended to use it for 10 minutes or more after refueling for the first time to avoid the occurrence of paste core without the run-up.

  • Include

1 * CASHEWPOD cashew host box

1 * Oil-filled empty smoke bomb

1 * USB data cable

1 * Warranty card

1 * Product manual

  • Features

Size: 84.3*47*12.5mm

Shell capacity: 2ml

Built-in battery capacity: 380MAH

Power: 8W-13W

Atomization core resistance: 1.3Ω

Material: aluminum alloy + PC

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