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  • Product info

The appearance of the body is rubber-coated, the touch is warm and comfortable, and it is available in a variety of colors to satisfy the player's pursuit of fashion color. Suitable for nicotine salt smoke oil, with a strong sense of throat

It is convenient to add fuel to the cartridge, and open the cartridge to add fuel. The power on and off function can be realized by continuously pressing the ignition key 4 times in 2 seconds. When the ignition time exceeds 10 seconds, the overheat protection will be activated and the power will be automatically turned off.

  • Include

1 * C601 host

1 * Oil-filled empty smoke bomb

1 * USB cable

1 * Product manuala

  • Features

Size: 88mm*33mm

Weight: 35g

Battery: 650mAh

Shell capacity: 1.7 ml

Resistance: 1.6 ohms

Color: Orange White Black Blue Green

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