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Genuine KHREE UFO crazy UFO small smoke nicotine salt electronic cigarette double oil bunk double taste quit smoking for smoke

When you first saw KHREEUFO, what kind of plane might you want to do? Is this a toy or a cosmetic? It is not the same, it is actually a new type of lost body machine.

KHREE UFO is a circular cartridge system with built-in 600MAH

A cartridge with two 2ML refillable oils. These 2 cartridges can be installed in the equipment at the same time, each of which can be filled with smoke oil and can be pumped in any flavor.

Is it a circular design like a flying saucer for a lost one? It’s all about

Yu's personal preference. UFO not only has a novel shape, bold color matching, but also good smoke atomization.

Yes, using a variety of equipment, enjoying two flavors, will make you go farther and farther in the e-cigarette game.

The innovative bold design of two kinds of smoke oil in one equipment, the distinctive differentiated selling point, the successful listing of overseas markets, and the pre-research of a new generation of improved zinc alloy panels all show that KHREE∪FO leads the trend of this trend. And pattern

  • Features

This device is a suction starter. When in use, the indicator light shows the battery level as shown below.

When not in use, the indicator goes off. The device automatically stops working.

Charging:This product is USB charging mode, the red indicator light indicates positive Charging. The indicator light goes out,

Indicates that charging is complete.

Note: This device does not support charging when used.

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