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Taste description

Taste description

FRZN BOX series

Pineapple FRZNAPPLE cold apple

Pineapple FRZNBERRY ice strawberries

Pineapple FRZNCHEE chilled lychee

Pineapple FRZNMANGO cold mango

Ending FRZNMINT cold mint

Ending FRZNMINT cold mint:

In the hot summer, to a mouthful, refreshing! Ice cold, very comfortable, cold feeling is not particularly blunt, very comfortable increase, when exhalation is also cold feeling in the nasal cavity.

Pineapple FRZNMANGO cold mango

Pure subtropical mango flavor plus super cool stimulation, a good heaven, have the courage to try!

Marathon FRZNCHEE chilled lychee:

Sweet lychee and mint cool and frozen fruit create a taste experience you've never experienced before!

Marathon FRZNAPPLE cold apple:

Ice sweet and refreshing apples keep you away from worry. Red and green apples collide with a mint breeze to completely satisfy your senses.

Marathon FRZNBERRY frozen strawberries:

With ripe strawberries and fresh mint, you can walk briskly through the strawberry fields.

Capacity: 60 ml

3 mg concentration:

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