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A small color bar disposable electronic cigarettes cranberry fruit quit smoking genuine function bar

Traditional tobacco: select tobacco extracts, exquisite workmanship, layer by layer selection, long extraction! Fine smell, lips and teeth remain fragrant, god calm and calm.

Matcha: summer afternoon, busy work to come a mouthful of matcha tea, as if everything around him has nothing to do with themselves at the moment, only wish the years quiet good, that tube his fame and fortune, love hate Chen chi!

Nutty tobacco: with a hint of tobacco fragrance, it is like the strong and unruly youth of that summer afternoon in the clouds and fog.

Blueberry mint: fresh mint with a light blueberry, every mouthful of full worry with this faint scent disappeared.

Orange soda: remember that orange soda you gave her secretly that year? A sip is the same smell

Lychee: take a sip. A sweet scent fills your mouth

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