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BLVK FRUIT BOX is imported from the United States with 60ml taste of mixed tobacco oil fruits of the unicorn series

Taste description

FRUIT BOX series

Low UNIAPPLE apple

Low UNIGRAPE white grapes

Ending UNICHEW strawberry clump

Ending UNIGUAP guap guava pear

Marathon UNIDEW strawberry honeydew melon

Ending UNIAPPLE apples: this intense apple has a fresh and natural taste, with a sweet, smooth and intense fruit flavor

If you don't like apple, you will love its taste

Fresh and sweet crystal grape flavor, not sweet and not greasy, with a mouth full of small freshness, like a fresh grape scattered in the mouth to give off a charming taste, which makes people feel drunk

A fresh strawberry with no fruit juice is perfect. Inhale the strawberry fragrance at the front of your mouth as if you were in a strawberry field

This fresh pineapple and guava pear is like a fresh girl, with a sweet and sour taste. It is a perfect expression of simple and simple temperament.

Marathon UNIDEW strawberry hami melon: fresh strawberries with sweet hami melon, taste rich. Take a sip and want to take a sip again, take out thick strawberry and cantaloupe, taste perfect fusion, take a sip let a person fondle admiringly.

Capacity: 60 ml

3 mg concentration:

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