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Authentic MAD dog MAD MOD box new e-cigarette set 108W beginner big smoke vapor smoke smoker quitter

Product introduction

M AD is another masterpiece of DD's simple and fashionable style

It is bolder than ever, with a bold design innovation

Has abandoned the general "metaphysical" appearance

Only keep one square box, but show the essential shape

M AD is the same as the appearance

Unique fashion charm, the overall color of one fashion before all obvious

Portable and practical, fashionable and generous, created MAD

Easy to replace the latch battery compartment

Always open VAPE

The battery compartment can be opened by pushing, and the battery will pop out automatically. It is quick and convenient to replace.

Unique lock design, safe and stable appearance

Nonm-t ANK in taste

The taste is smooth and full-bodied, and the highly analytical smoke oil is equipped with a heat dissipation system and

Three - way balanced air intake, think of the big smoke does not hot mouth

3750mAh high multiplier battery

High power capacity, sufficient power, durable

Shorten the charging time and increase the charging cycle

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