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New gloves for smoking cessation

The Italian design is light and compact with no pressure in the mouth

Outstanding industrial design

Smoke ball comes in five flavors with mango, tobacco, mint, strawberry 'watermelon ice

Choose according to your preferences

All nicotine is 5% nicotine salt

No matter how old you are, you can easily break the habit. MYLE USES the advanced nicotine salt technology.

Avoid the use of free radical nicotine in other products,

Discomfort caused by the intense sensation of larynx.

High levels of nicotine can also be inhaled gently, smooth and quickly absorbed.

Effectively alleviate smokers' desire and dependence on traditional cigarette products and avoid withdrawal reaction.

Make quitting smoking easier and more confident.

LED lights display power

There are 4 LED lights, 3 green lights display power, blue light display when smoking, at any time

Alert the battery storage

The battery has a capacity of 240 milliamperes, and it can be charged for about 2 hours. The battery can be used for 24 hours at full power

Good taste day and night

It's light and lightweight to carry around

With a thickness of only 2.7mm and a height similar to a cigarette box, it can be placed in a wallet and carried conveniently

Start a new journey at any time

Size: 96* 19*2.7MM

Battery capacity: 240MAH

Smoke burst capacity: 0.9ML

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