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Energy RGB disposable cigarette fruit tobacco smoke portable fan you e-cigarette

Tar and CO are the most harmful to human health in RGB disposable small smoke, light, smart, compact and small non-button cigarettes. E-cigarettes use smoke oil atomization to achieve the effect of true smoke, high temperature atomization and non-combustion, and do not contain tar and CO and other harmful substances.

Model: RGB disposable cigarette

"84:23 * * 14 mm

Battery capacity: 320mAh

Smoke oil capacity: 1.2ml


Resistance: 2.6 ohm

Orange soda

Sweet oranges and crisp summer sodas with one strand

Cold and sharp throat feeling, sweet but not greasy, lips and teeth stay fragrant!

Strawberry milkshake

Have no full-bodied and sweet and greasy feeling, can experience light milk fragrance again

Remains in your tongue. On, pure but not greasy!

Butter tobacco

Familiar aroma of flue-cured tobacco, open the tongue on the tobacco body

Experience, strong throat feel with a hint of butter and milk, endless aftertaste!

Blueberry bead blasting

It has a strong blueberry flavor, mixed with some light

Mint tastes cool and mellow!

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